Source: How the success of AI could bring about social upheaval

Source: How the coronavirus crisis will leave society changed


  • He wrote a book on artificial intelligence and it became a bestseller
  • Life


    Artificial Intelligence vs. Coronavirus

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    Modeling the spread of coronavirus using Python & Data Science. Predicting post-corona future.

  • How the coronavirus crisis will leave society changed

  • 2019

    Artificial Intelligence vs. Climate Change

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    Searching for technological solutions of climate change. I present them in my TEDx speech:

  • How can artificial intelligence help save the planet?
  • 2019

    Creating national AI strategy

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    Together with the group of experts I am co-creating Slovak national strategy for Artificial intelligence.


    Publishing The Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell

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    I publish the book The Artificial Intelligence in Nutshell. It became bestseller on Amazon:

  • He wrote a book on artificial intelligence and it became a bestseller
  • 2018

    Releasing KeywordsApp

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    I release KeywordsApp, unique list of 300 million top searches on Google.

    NOTE: Project discontinued due to Google restrictions.


    Releasing SearchApp

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    I release SearchApp, the only app in the world that is able to search on Facebook according to advanced criteria.

    NOTE: Project discontinued due to Facebook restrictions.

    2009 - PRESENT

    Developing software

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    I work as a software developer. My primary programming languages are Python & Java.

    2004 - 2009

    Studying computer science

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    I want to create Hal since I was a child. Fortunately, I'm smart enough to understand that I'm not smart enough for that. I'm going to study computer science.


    Fascination Computer

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    Father bought a computer for his job. Unfortunately he has to work late at night, because during the day and in the evening I occupy it.


    Fascination Artificial Intelligence

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    In the parent library, I discovered the book 2001: The Space Odyssey, in which I familiarize myself with artificial intelligence represented by Hal. This topic fascinates me immediately.


    Hello world!

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    I am here.